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Permeable paving the solution for slippery surfaces

It is imperative that surfaces around your home are kept dry and free from dripping or stagnating water and other liquids. Wet areas could pose danger to adults as well as children alike, and a fall could end in broken bones or worst. Such areas would need to have Permeable surfaces, which could easily drain the water or liquids and keep the surfaces dry, always.

Permeable paving utilizing the many different materials we have would be your best and educative solution. Jim’s Paving with our expertise and experience over many years would be your best choice, as we use the appropriate machinery to prepare the surfaces prior to any permeable paving materials being laid on it.  

Jim’s Paving with over two and a half decades of completing some great spray Paving jobs, small, medium and large have never had complaints of any slip shod workmanship, which has held us in good stead to procure additional work from word of mouth of our very satisfied customers.

Our franchisees undergo extensive training in Asphalt resurfacing, Driveway resurfacing and Concrete resurfacing before they are allocated work and even after, are carefully monitored to ensure that all the work they carry out are up to acceptable standards.

Jim’s with our reputation for quality workmanship will never compromise and would ensure that the highest standards of workmanship are always upheld. It is our reputation built diligently since 1982, when our founder Jim Penman started our Home services franchising which is dear to us. We have today grown from those humbles beginnings to become Australia’s success story if providing Home services in every conceivable sphere.

Our designers and experts have some great innovative and imaginative Landscaping ideas which we would be happy to share with householders, and bring an ambience of beauty to your garden which would be the envy of all those who would come visiting.

Our Spray on concrete with the many colours we could offer and the design we could employ would make any location in your garden a place to behold.

Our expertise in Driveway repair is incomparable and we will complete every task given to us with the utmost dedication and commitment, upholding the principles on which Jim’s has been built upon. We will never cut corners or leave a stone unturned to achieve the highest standards in workmanship.



We need to advertise our business activities, enhance our operations and bring additional revenue to take our enterprise to greater heights. Using every space possible to advertise our trade is an advantage and that costs money but what better way to carry an advertisement when you could use space that is available at no cost.

The glass windows of your office, showroom, warehouse or any similar premises, if visible to passersby are very effective mediums to carry point of sale advertising. If your business is a large department store, a supermarket or a retail outlet it’s glass windows would be ideal for use as advertising space.

Jim’s Office window tinting Perth innovates with imagination and can bring out some great ideas to convert your glass windows with decorative solar window film into eye catching advertising mediums. Your glass windows could take a strong message across to potential and prospective customers at no cost.

Your business outlet window with solar film would prevent vandals from damaging them and if any graffiti is painted could be removed by only replacing the film and the whole glass which would cost very much more.

Homes too could be vulnerable to intruders who could take advantage of large glass windows by breaking them to seek unlawful entry. Solar window film prevents the shattering of glass and holds them together hence breaking and entering could be a difficult proposition.

Jim’s Home window tinting Perth could call over at your home, assess your requirements and advice you on the best course of action that could be followed by you to prevent break-ins and also give you a host of tips, on how to have a comfortable interior during the height of summer installing the high quality solar window films we have in stock.

Your vehicle uses fuel to power itself and we run the air-conditioner to keep ourselves comfortable in it during summer. When the air-conditioner is on it consumes more fuel, and the ambient heat, glare and also the harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays from the Sun bears down on us.

Using Jim’s Car window tinting Perth solar window films you could reduce glare by 93% and heat by 80% and UV rays by 99%, by which you would increase the efficiency of you air-conditioning system and save on fuel.